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Drawing4Kids là một phần mềm tô màu  tuyệt vời dành cho bé

Drawing4Kids là một phần mềm tô màu  tuyệt vời dành cho bé. trong phần mềm này bé luyện cách vẽ tranh với công cụ chì, những bút cọ màu khác nhau, những bức vẽ sơn dầu đẹp. Bé tha hồ mà tô màu không cần tranh tô màu đâu nhé. Bé tô thỏa thích với phần mềm này. Nhờ phần mềm này bé tự do bay bổng những ý tưởng mới lạ. Phần mềm này dạy vẽ cho bé nhanh nhất. Nó đưa ra cách học vẽ rất bài bản phù hợp với cách nghĩ của trẻ

Drawing4Kids is a wonderful free drawing tool for kids that allows them to draw whatever they want and also paint nice pre-made drawings. The kids can draw with a pencil, different types of brushes, and an oil brush. They can even add clipart and paint their drawings with lots of colors.
The program also includes a great variety of pre-made drawings that include animals, people, and landscapes, to name but a few. They are all very attractive and include really cute characters. The program even allows you make your own creations over the drawings. Unfortunately, it lacks an undo button and you won't be able to print the drawing directly from the program, but you can save them and print them from another program, though.
What is more, the program is absolutely simple and easy to use, so that kids can use it without problems.
In short, Drawing4Kids is an excellent program that will help you keep your kids entertained for a while completely for free. It lacks a few features, but still is a nice program that definitely deserves a try.


    Includes lots of pre-made drawings.
    Cute characters.
    Includes lots of brushes and cliparts to add.


    No printing feature.
    No undo button.


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