Hướng dẫn học sinh tiểu học cách vẽ tranh đề tài Ngày Tết - How to draw a picture about Tet Holiday in Vietnam Draw a School of Fish in 8 steps | Vẽ đàn cá cho bé qua 8 bước đơn giản

 Vẽ tranh ngày Tết quê em | Drawing a Picture about Vietnamese Kids in Tet Holiday
Chào các em.

Đây là bài giảng Hướng dẫn học sinh tiểu học cách vẽ tranh đề tài Ngày Tết - How to draw a picture about Tet Holiday in Vietnam - Cách vẽ bức tranh đề tài về Tết - Lễ hội và Mùa xuân một cách đơn giản và dễ thực hiện  bằng những nét cơ bản - Giúp em  có thêm tình yêu thiên nhiên, gắn bó với cuộc sống, bồi đắp tâm hồn trẻ thơ yêu những nét đẹp truyền thống văn hóa của dân tộc, giáo dục tình yêu  quê hương đất nước thông qua bài vẽ này.

Tet is Vietnamese New Year and is the most important festival and public holiday in Vietnam.
An example of Tet being the definitive Vietnamese holiday is that 'Tet' itself means 'festival' and is the shortened version of 'Tết Nguyên Đán', which is Sino-Vietnamese for 'Feast of the First Morning of the First Day'.
Tet falls on the first night of the new moon in the first month of the Lunar Calendar, which in the Gregorian calendar usually takes place between the last week of January and the third week of February .
Typically public holidays will be granted for seven days. The specific days taken will depend on how the dates fall over a weekend, and extra days may be declared holidays to bridge to weekends. Our list of public holidays in Vietnam in 2017 will show you this year's holiday arrangements.
Tet signifies the beginning of the year and also traditionally marks the first day of spring.

At the start of the Tet festival, Ong Tau, the god of the Hearth goes to the abode of the Jade Emperor to give his annual report on family members. People are keen that Ong Tau makes a favourable report so prior to his departure, houses are thoroughly cleaned or even renovated.

A key part of the celebrations of Tet is that it is a chance to begin again, to forget about problems of the previous year and start afresh. In addition to cleaning homes, people will buy more new clothes at this time of year and it is also a popular time for people to change jobs or switch careers.
On top of the new start, Tet also sets the tone for the coming year so popular customs include family reunions, giving money to children and the elderly, ancestor worship, and wiping out debts.
At midnight at the start of the New Year, Ong Tau returns and is welcomed back with fireworks and gongs. During this time, people will avoid bad thoughts or arguments in case they allow bad spirits into the house.

Here’s is a short   minute video showing you how to draw about Vietnamese Children in Tet Holiday.- Cách vẽ bức tranh Ngày tết quê em


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