Draw My Garden in the morning - Vẽ khu vườn vào buổi sáng

Morning in the Garden - colorful colored pencil drawing

Creative Haven How to Draw Garden Flowers: Easy-to-follow, Step-by-step ...
Creative Haven Garden Flowers Draw and Color
How to Draw a Garden
How to draw scenery of flower garden step by step

1. First draw the background lining which is the squared off shrubs that make up the shape of the maze your garden is in.

2. Draw  a circle fro the tree top, and then draw the guidelines for the trunk, walking path, and flowers.

3. You draw straight lined trees in the background, and the bushes below the tree.

4. You should draw  few daisies or other flowers of your choice to add beauty.

5. You  draw a square entry way that is cut through the high bush in the background.

6. You sketch out more of the shrubs that line the walkway, and then draw the trail cement markings that are called dividers.Creative Haven Garden Flowers Draw and Color.

7. Sketch out the tree trunk and all the branches that flow inside of the tree top foliage. Next draw flowers in front of your bushes to add color, and variety to your beautiful garden.

8. You should  draw  grass or lawn and add some dandelions too.

9. Colouring Secret Garden. Great job!

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