Drawing Cartoon Character | Cách vẽ nhân vật hoạt hình


Cách vẽ thiên thần How To Draw An Angel

Step 1: Bắt đàu vẽ Start with the angel . Draw a profile. Then draw two lines crossing at the nose. These guidelines will help you when adding detail to the head.

 Step 2: Vẽ đầu , mái tóc và khuôn mặt thiên thần Draw curly hair and a face. Use an "L" shape to draw his closed eye at the cross of the 2 lines from the previous step. Then, add a line above it for an eyebrow. Step 3 : Outline a body. In this case, the angel will be kneeling with his hands in praying position.

Step 4: Draw the hands. Also begin drawing the outline of the angel's wings.

 Step 5: Add feet. You can also add lines to emphasize the folds in his robe.

 Step 6 : Draw feathers on the angel's wings.

Step 7:Outline your work using a black pen (or any other permanent media). Erase inside lines and guidelines to clean up your drawing.

 Step 8: Repeat the previous steps on the opposite side. Your finished product should be two angels.

Step 9:  Vẽ màu cho Thiên thần - Color your artwork.

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