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Cách vẽ quả cam | How to draw an orange

How to draw an orangre - Cách vẽ quả cam

How to draw an orangre - Cách vẽ quả cam  Hi, This is a tutorials help your kids to draw a banana step - by - step .
What shape is your banana?
What color is the banana?
This drawing a banana tutorial is not more difficult than you thought to draw the correct shape of this banana. In order for a banana to look realistic, we must try to recreate all of its features on paper. To draw this realistic banana I used a graphics tablet. You will need a white sheet of A4 paper and colored pencils to color in your beauty drawing.

You will be learning how to draw bananas, step by step. Do you know banana? The banana is a fruit that is native to the tropics of Southeast Asia, but they were domesticated plants in Vietnam. Nowadays we usually get our bananas from the tropics, as well as from over one hundred other countries.

Cách vẽ quả cam | How to draw an orange

Câu đố

Quả gì cong cong
Xếp thành một nải
Nải xếp thành buồng
Khi chín vàng ươm
Ăn ngon ngọt lắm?
Là quả gì?

Vẽ quả chuối | Drawing a banana for Kids
How to draw a banana for Kids
Drawing a banana step - by - step
Cach ve qua chuoi
ve qua chuoi don gian
ve nhanh qua chuoi

Thưa thầy cô và các bạn. Đây là bài hướng dẫn học sinh tiểu học vẽ đồ vật thân quen- Vẽ cái chai rượu thủy tinh bằng những nét cơ bản, vẽ đồ vật trong nhà mà em yêu thích

Em vẽ cái cốc | Learn to draw a Glass for Children
Activity your child learns about Household Objects, draws a picture about glasses and then tells about someone in this picture.


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>>>Tải Bài giảng Cách vẽ quả chuối đơn giản - Dạy em vẽ quả chuối| Learn to draw a Banana for Children

>>>Dạy em vẽ quả chuối | Learn to draw a Banana for Children

>>> Danh sách các bài vẽ trái cây mà em yêu thích - Learn to draw Household Objects

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