Dạy vẽ Tiểu học | Teaching and Learning the Arts

The Vietnamese Context for Early ChildhoodArt Education
Vietnam's art history follows a very different pattern to that of Australia. The dominant tradition in art in Vietnam is folk arts, including woodcuts, textiles and pottery. In the early twentieth century, the French colonials established a fine arts
school to provide formal art education and taught a range of European ideas about modernism. The importation of ideas from the West affected the development of art within Vietnam and had a profound impact on the overall development of the visual aesthetic in the country. In addition, all aspects of art education were affected by the introduction of the fine arts school and its philosophical views.

Picture for KidsArts education and creativity in Asia and the Pacific 

The Asia and Pacific Regional Conference emphasized the importance of arts education as an essential area of quality education for peace and sustainable development. Moreover, it stipulated that quality education could not be accomplished without quality arts education . The effects of arts education towards peaceful coexistence have been demonstrated; however, they need to be studied and developed more thoroughly, particularly in connection to violence , which is one of the important global concerns of our contemporary societies.

How to draw a soldierThe general aims for the Art Curriculum in Basic Education

The general aims of the Art Education curriculum were developed from these postulates. The general aims for art curriculum in Basic Education are:

1.To identify the aesthetics and artistic values in the components of Omani environment and traditional handcrafts, and work to develop them through creative ideas according to students' abilities and their level of intellectual maturity.

2.To recognize the importance of materials in the environment and their relation with styles of implementation in art and work in an economical way toward the consumption of rationalisation.

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